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[受理中] 's husband tractor buy drugs when Huang Mouxia bike chase To stop









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No drug money, Zhou Mouqin drug seizures stomach pain every two days, it can only be to a nearby health clinic to buy a drug barely control.
After mulling it over,July 11 this year, Romania Industry sea suddenly thought, the incident location happens to have surveillance video.
Later, he lied to his wife every day, to 10 yuan to buy cigarettes,there is no self-consciousnes, and other accumulated to 50 yuan after the 17th early in the morning he was ready to buy drugs,barbour belgique, but, his wife subsequently tracked so crushed by his wife staged a scene.
Upon inquiry, called The tractor owners Xiong, Wen Department Wan Ning Taimao base line village.
Zhou said that his wife Huang Mouxia motorbike killed, so he hurried to call someone to help clean up the remains and quickly buried.
When he returned home,achat barbour, the news that his wife accidental death, but always thought his wife was killed in a motorcycle.
Police-site inquiry,barbour border, the home of the deceased Huang Mouxia public Zhou said, when he followed his wife back 30 yards and saw his wife after an accident, first on the scene to take care of.
At that time Zhoumou Qin's wife Huang Mouxia is at home to nine-month-old son to feed breakfast to go out to see her husband at this time is definitely buy drugs, and coincided with the full nine-month-old son to take his son to get a haircut.
"The same fall,barbour rouen, why nine month old baby boy was not hurt, but the deceased head bleeding " Mannings police brigade deputy head Luo industry on behalf of the sea always felt that this accident doubts, how can not calm down.
At this point, the traffic accident case fans eventually cracked.
According to Zhou Mouqin confession, but because of drug seizures, and did not notice that his wife thought it was the wheels rolling into the stone,barbour enfield, then continue heading to the big town of Mao.
Since drug addiction, the car will take the money to buy drugs, the family cast a shadow and lost laughter,barbour on line, life is difficult to protect.
Second half of 2008, Xiong and his ex-wife discord and divorce, the car and the documents were to go back before the father Xu.
Public house to see this situation also trailing Zhou daughter,barbour paris.
Find a car clue was interrupted.
He immediately called Tactical Squadron, accident squadron police brigade control room at the scene of the accident and obtain video, repeated screening viewing.
- Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Hongxu correspondent Zeng Wang Wen / map nominal strange home rider killed his wife police retrieved surveillance video showed questionable July 17 8:00 pm, Wanning City Public Security Bureau police brigade accident squadron of police received a report,
Truth husband wife want to buy drugs to block the wheels accidentally crushed by her husband, according to police investigation: July 17 at 8 pm, Eastern Star,barbour shop, who lives million urban village addicts Zhou Mouqin (23 years old, was on April 5 due to drug use
And in conjunction with Wanning City Public Security Bureau forensic autopsy to the deceased family, and finally confirmed that the deceased head was rolling over.
Ministry of death.
Thus, Huang Mouxia let his son sit "Wuyang" brand motorcycle in front of a small wicker chair,veste barbour femme, hurried ride out after her husband.
So to a large police Mau town, distribution million urban area, "an investigation notice", according to the clues provided by the masses, eventually locking the driver of the deceased husband Zhou Mouqin.
Remorse of curiosity drug addiction and end up ruined It is understood that Zhou Mouqin eight years old,barboure, his mother can not stand because illnesses jumping into himself, his father Zhou a person by doing odd jobs to help others nearby, to raise three children.
rushed to the scene investigation.
This information is passed back to the control room, the police surveillance video from the vehicle as a lock,buy barbour online, "Joan 01-222xx" number plate hand four tractors.
was arrested and impose administrative detention for 15 days), after waking up drug seizures, they drive plate for "Joan 01-222xx" plate four tractors, from Wan direction of the city along the national road 223 lane, think big Mau town
to buy drug use.
Maneuver commander Zhou Chaoning led the team immediately rushed to the village to find Xiong.
People around also believes that Huang Mouxia of their own killed.
Zhoumou Qin said, "Originally, try holding the psychological, unknowingly infected with drug addiction,soldes barbour, drugs, when the whole body bone weakness." Normally, Zhou Mouqin relying on four tractor up the goods to make money to help people live
Survey visits to the masses get clues traffic police locked the perpetrators by understanding, "Jean 01-222xx" number plate of the tractor is around November 2005, Xiong and his ex-wife got married, his ex-wife to her parents spent 22,000 yuan to buy for her daughter's dowry.
Mao town in a large stretch of road in front of forestry checkpoints, Huang Mouxia want from the right over her husband's four tractors,barbour beaufort, hit a pedestrian unexpectedly due to arm and fell to the ground, by her husband's four wheel tractor rolling head
Xu said the car was sold to a 41-year-old man, but he can not remember the man's name, only know that the man who lives in the vicinity of the town of Mao.
Changan Town, next to the big Mao heading, and then purchased the drugs railway bridge, taking into nearby woods.
The original truth is: Zhou Mouqin in the opening four tractor buy drugs on the way, crushed by his own wife.
Think of the tragic death of his wife under the wheels, and the remaining two starving children, Zhou Mouqin burst into tears of remorse.
Police handling the case and according to the clues provided Xiong immediately rushed to the village to find million urban Changxing Xu,qu’il prenne beaucoup de dettes..
2010,Shortly thereafter, Zhou Mouqin via Internet chat, and a teahouse million urban workers in the 17-year-old Huang Mouxia understanding,parka barbour, and soon after married the eldest daughter is now 3 years old.
Until the police arrested, see surveillance video, before we know his wife turned out to be run over by his own car.
Subsequently, the traffic police battalion Zhong Zhaohui Mannings police organizations analyze the merits of that, according to the usual thinking, knowing that Huang Mouxia victim's family is killed in a road accident, but never made funeral expenses and other matters, a little irrational.
A woman with head injuries has died, a sitting "Wuyang" brand motorcycle front of the car 9 months old baby boy fell to the ground, but by a number of skin trauma,distributeur barbour, does not matter.
Many times, and his wife Huang Mouxia noisy wanted a divorce,barbour homme, but Zhou Mouqin been guaranteed to be drug and take the initiative to pull cargo money paid, and by his wife to forgive.
Married couple days were pretty warm, but Zhou Mouqin and drug friends together, infected with drug addiction.
's husband tractor buy drugs when Huang Mouxia bike chase To stop,acheter barbour, accidentally fell to death by her husband wheels rolling.

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